Our Guaranteed Financing

At Landzilla we offer financing to just about anyone! Almost all of the properties listed on Landzilla.com are available for purchase using our Guaranteed In-House Financing with the exception of a few of our cash sale properties.

All that is required to purchase land using our financing is some basic information about your source of income, an agreement that you can afford your selected monthly payments, and an agreement to make those payments based on the terms outlined in the purchase agreement. There is no need to pre-qualify and NO credit checks, or pay stubs are required.

Advantages of Our Financing

  • Instant Qualification
  • No Banks or 3-party financing required
  • The flexibility of Owner Direct Financing Terms
  • No Credit Checks Requires
  • No Pay Stubs Required
  • No Pre-Qualification Required or Lengthy Application to Fill Out

It is the goal at Landzilla to make land ownership possible to just about anyone however we do reserve the right to deny any person the right to purchase property.

For More Information or Questions About Our Financing Contact Us at: